Recommending someone for hire to the board of education is one of the most important things an administrator can do.

Choosing the best candidate matters, but how do you know you're getting the best.

The stage of life one is in often determines what they are able to contribute to an organization

Intentional Use of Time

I went through my blogroll the other day only to discover that Joe Bower (for the love of learning) passed. I won't get into all the cliches about how fast time goes, but I will venture down a path I am confident I shared before.

The older we get the faster time goes (relatively speaking.)

When we are first born...one day is 100% of our life....

After a year it is only 1/365 of our life....

When you reach 50 a day is only 1/18250 of one's life...

Days continue to become a smaller percentage of your life...

Fieldwork to Work

When I was completing fieldwork I had many opportunities to work in a leadership capacity. The difference between then and now is becoming clearer. Fieldwork provided the opportunity to step in and out of the leadership role at my discretion, but now the expectation is a constant, and that's a good thing.

#VOTENJPENSION (The Real Problem)

If the pension vote makes it to the 2016 ballot it will probably fail. It would be too easy to show an ambulance with someone facing a life threatening situation unable to pass a road needing repairs.

The pension is deferred compensation for services rendered, and it is my understanding the government is required to pay...unless they can't.

That's the problem. Who decides?

2016 Reflection on Leadership

Leadership requires learning what needs to be done, sharing in the doing, and actively communicating the process. Meanwhile leaders are role models that should acknowledge and learn from their mistakes as they seek the best from others.  I want to be known as hard on problems, but not on people.

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Moving into an administrative position is on the horizon, and before it happens I don't want to forget my current perspective on the importance of teaching.

1) Don't hold it against a teacher that is only working to their contract.

2) Teachers have enough to do, so if administration gives them something extra, they should take something away.

3) Teachers should have the flexibility to allow students independent study options. For example, if a teacher wants to let a student take November off of regularly scheduled class activities to write a novel, permit them.

4) Only ask teachers to sub when it really is an emergency.

5) Don't put teachers in positions where they feel the need to apologize.

6) Only start a program you are willing and able to implement with fidelity.

7) It's okay to polish someone else's star.

8) Avoid micromanagement.

9) Listen.

10) Continue to teach, learn, and grow...


With your help, things on this list without a link should have one soon.
What do you want principal to remember?

Attitude Matters

Enjoy opportunities for learning, even if you think you've outgrown them. 

Ocean City, 2015 (Small Bumper Cars)