Slicing and dicing carrots
Starving the rabbit

Standing on the moon
I see the shadow of the sun
Cast on all the things
Man never should have done

The shadows getting brighter
And the earth looks rather dim
'Cause the shadows getting bigger
And man's future seems so grim

It's much too late to place the blame
The trial has begun
There is no plea but guilty
And death cannot be shunned

Protesting, a Way of Life (September 11, 1994)
A fictional story about a couple that chose abortion, and later regretted it.
The text matches the background color because I don't want the story to be read unless you intend to read it.

In the heat of passion, perhaps the most important thing was forgotten...protection. Fortunately both partners were disease free, but both were also fertile, and a child was conceived.

Michelle was not ready to have a child, and being influenced by the media she thought the child growing inside here was not anything more than nothing.  Fear was her biggest problem  What would her family think, how could she afford it and complete college. The only decision she could make was abortion. Bill stuck around to support her in the decision.

Michelle made an appointment at the local Planned Parenthood center and was to be seen the following week. Together Bill and Michelle walked passed all the Pro-life, abortion protestors into the clinic.  Here they met with Dr. Value, who explained the procedure. He could complete the process in only a few minutes, and gave the couple a week to think about it.

Nearly two months after conception Michelle had her child aborted and thought nothing of it.  She could still remember one thing though, the faces of all the protestors outside of the Planned Parenthood. What could have been their reason for doing such a thing? Would she ever know?

Four years later Bill and Michelle were well into their careers, and married just over a year.  They decided they wanted a child.  Strange now, that when she was with child how happy they were.  From the time of conception they were looking forward to the birth of this once.  Never once did they look at this child as nothing.  Now they were going to be parents.

As the pregnancy continued Bill and Michelle became involved.  From the classes where you learn how to breathe during childbirth (Lamaze of something), to reading every type of parent magazine they could find.  At four months they were even reading to the child (they heard a baby's brain functions in the womb). By five months they knew the child was a boy.

Family had a huge baby shower, Bill and Michelle decorated the baby's room.  They were pulling out all the stops for this child (the one they wanted).  Six months into pregnancy Michelle fell down her stairs and was injured severely.  An ambulance arrived promptly, and away she went.  How strange when the doctor, Dr. Value, came to the room at the hospital to explain that the baby was lost.  Michelle broke down, she couldn't handle the loss of her unborn child.  Dr. Value tried to comfort her.

This child was going to be everything.  All their plans in vain.  Michelle and Bill were never able to conceive another child. It was a shame one was lost, but even more they knew it was a shame they had aborted the first.  You may see many Michelle and Bills outside of Planned Parenthoods throughout the country..with some signs, protesting, and no child.  By they way they want to adopt an infant.  But as they know now, quite a few of them die young.