I am thankful for...

Two years ago, when my daughter was in third grade, she had an assignment which impacted her more than I'll ever know.  I was attending parent teacher conferences and observing all the I am thankful for... posters.  The kids were thankful for many things, perhaps Mother Earth the most, but I was surprised there wasn't one poster that said I am thankful for God.  I was sure that one student was thankful for God...I mentioned that to the teacher.

I said, "I can't believe there wasn't one poster that said I'm thankful for God."

She said, "Oh there were, but I told the children that they couldn't write that."

That was upsetting, but when I got home and found out my daughter Leah was one of the children that had to change her poster I was angered.  It's not likely Leah will ever be able to share what she's really thankful for in school again, and that's sad.

Should I have pursued the issue?

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