Who Needs Us?

Sitting across from Paul recognizing the end was near should have brought a smile to my face, but it didn't. It was held back by fear. Wouldn't losing a game of chess to one of my students make me lose credibility?

Until I learned that being a great teacher didn't require being the best, but rather learning from the best, I was never able to have the impact I do now by just being an enthusiast.

Professional wide receivers can run a route quicker than their coaches, but they need them; professional boxers can pummel their trainers, but they need them; professional golfers can swing better than their analyzers, but they need them; and students can teach their teachers, but they need us. If you're still doubting this try substituting names above like Terrell Owens, Oscar De La Hoya, Tiger Woods, and that last student that taught you something. Remember that we are smarter together than any of us alone.

As a writing teacher I encounter students that I'm confident will have more writing success than me, as long as I do my job: provide them with all the tools I'm able to share, continue to stay current with research so I learn what new tools are available, try those tools myself, and allow them to use those tools to best fit their needs.

I'm looking forward to playing Paul another game of chess, because I know we can learn from each other.

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