Things I Don't Want to Forget

Moving into an administrative position is on the horizon, and before it happens I don't want to forget my current perspective on the importance of teaching.

1) Don't hold it against a teacher that is only working to their contract.

2) Teachers have enough to do, so if administration gives them something extra, they should take something away.

3) Teachers should have the flexibility to allow students independent study options. For example, if a teacher wants to let a student take November off of regularly scheduled class activities to write a novel, permit them.

4) Only ask teachers to sub when it really is an emergency.

5) Don't put teachers in positions where they feel the need to apologize.

6) Only start a program you are willing and able to implement with fidelity.

7) It's okay to polish someone else's star.

8) Avoid micromanagement.

9) Listen.

10) Continue to teach, learn, and grow...


With your help, things on this list without a link should have one soon.
What do you want principal to remember?

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