Expanding the To Do List

A few years ago I started using Google Tasks with my smart phone at work to improve my success rate. Tasks that took only a few minutes were never a problem because I would do them right away, but there were occasions when someone would request a solution that might take some planning, and if it didn't get put on my list, it might never go beyond the initial planning phase.

The following year I expanded my to do list by creating a Google form which allowed others to input directly to my task list. This new spreadsheet list worked so well I stopped using Google Tasks. My work life improved, However, I wasn't managing enough of my discretionary time well because those items weren't getting moved from a thought to an action.

Yesterday I started a new system bringing back Google Tasks with a combination of a GTD and Mr. Cockerell mindset. 

There is no need to wait until January 1 to make positive life changes.

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