Note to Self: Be This Type of Leader

Leadership requires learning what needs to be done, sharing in the doing, and actively communicating the vision. Meanwhile leaders are role models that should acknowledge and learn from their mistakes as they seek the best from others. They need to be hard on problems, but not on people.

Several years ago I was told the things we love we make beautiful I’ve found it to be quite accurate.  Leaders need to care. It’s the caring that makes doing the right thing meaningful and lasting. When the right things are done for the wrong reasons, disaster may follow.

A prime example is the story of the person sharing their sandwich with the hungry. When people share because they want to, both the giver and receiver benefit.  However, when forced to share virtue is removed resulting in the needy feeling entitled and the giver resentment.

The decisions leaders make on a daily basis must be competent and consistent. This doesn’t mean they will always be right, but they will have been known to be done with integrity which is required to maintain trust.

Leaders must listen, learn, and love as they build relationships based on trust to achieve a goal greater than themselves.

The sandwich story comes from Dinesh D'Souza.

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