Transitioning from Coordinator to Coach

I'd like my role as a technology coach to increase so I ordered Leading 21st Century Schools: along with How to Coach Teachers that Don't Think Like You:.
One of the biggest obstacles to coaching has been time.  As the technology coordinatory for a small school I get pulled in many directions.  Fortunately the budget has allowed the purchase of some equipment combined with software that should decrease the amount of time I'll have to spend on network administration tasks and computer troubleshooting.
In September I am going to work with volunteers that would like me in their classroom.  The plan is morphing, but it should be something like this:
  • I'll describe the coaching initiative in September at our first inservice
  • Follow-up with an email requesting volunteers
  • Spend ~ three weeks with each teacher planning lessons and co-teaching  (at least one period a day for the duration)
Change will be slow and not move only in a straight line, but will appear more like a spiral... -Schrum/Levin
My goal is to assist teachers with providing technology tools that will meet the goals they set for their students (and obviously not be succint based on that last sentence).

Providing the tool is not enough though, it needs to be demonstrated and teachers need time to use it.  Having another teacher in the classroom should provide classroom teachers the time to use the tool.

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